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  • Iselchyresse Israel-Megahan October 3, 2022

    What are the restautrants.

  • Shultz September 30, 2022

    We stopped there Fri Sept 23 and my 80 yr old mom was approached by a man asking for money that someone stole his family diaper bag with their money in it I believe he was a scam

  • Heather September 6, 2022

    Worker was mopping, just finished, and it smelled like he did it with pure urine. The whole place reeked of it

  • Dorothy Davis August 15, 2022

    I believe I dropped my toyota key fob when getting back into the car, it allowed my car to start but this was the last time I seen my fob. Anyway I was wondering is there anyone to contact to see if it had been found?

  • Susan Stanley July 27, 2022

    On July 20, 2022 my husband and I stopped at the I-85 Ext 78 South Welcome Center. We both went to the restroom and then returned to our truck to take our 3lb Brussels Griffon dog Zandra to the bathroom. We had to park in the trucking area with the eighteen wheeler trucks and when I opened the door to get Zandra the air brakes on the truck passenger side released. Frightened by the noise Zandra jumped out of the truck running from fear in all the traffic coming in. Two of the DOT employees helped to try and catch Zandra but, without any luck, Zandra ended up being in the fenced in area behind the Welcome center 4 days by herself. I thank God for the wonderful employees that work at the Welcome Center inside and outside. They all kept an eye out for Zandra and put out food/water for her and even looked for her on their on time. If not for those kind, thoughtful and caring people I never would have gotten Zandra back, If you ever stop there, the Center is exceptionally clean and I felt truly safe spending the night in our truck there. Be sure to ask for Moto and the story of Zandra!
    I wish all rest areas were like this one.